Saturday, July 31, 2010


Stalker is a bad ass. That's all, just a bad ass.

Even with a HOF body, Stalker was still a bad ass, just an unarticulated bad ass. Rescuing his noggin to a Super Articulated body, he is a better bad ass! Skin tones don't match up exactly, but I did the best I could!


Starduster got his introduction to the GI Joe fan base through a very unusual source - Action Stars cereal! After choking down a couple boxes of sugary goodness, a kid could send in the box tops or whatever and get his own exclusive Starduster figure. Yummy cavity-building goodness!

I always liked the Starduster character and only decided on creating a 1/6th version after finding this jet-pack thingy at a recent Joelanta show. I decided that the jet pack would make a great JUMP Mk2.

The head sculpt actually came from an exclusive WW1 pilot figure. Works for me!

Chuckles & Faces

The Joe Team's top two undercover agents - Chuckles & Faces.

I actually used the head sculpt for Hi-Tech as Chuckles. Chuckles is a much more needed character. I actually like the scowl as a contrast to his code-name.

Faces is actually the head sculpt from the Faces figure. Decent head sculpt. The body was one of those sculpted shirt deals - lame. I switched the head over to a Hasbro Super Articulated body. Much better!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Always loved the WHALE from the 3 3/4" line. The original 3 3/4" Cutter was pretty cool, but didn't have any ears! Poor dude! I used a 21st Century Toys head sculpt for this guy. Worked out pretty good. I've tried to use primarily Hasbro head sculpts, but have added a few from other companies to fill in the ranks. Stay tuned!

Sgt Savage

The only good thing from the GI Joe: Sgt Savage line - the head from the 1/6th version! Trapped on a hideous HOF body style, the Sarge was forced into non-articulation hell. Finally freed to a standard modern muscle body, the Sarge gets a new lease on life. Acting as the team drill sergeant, the Sarge doesn't take crap from anyone!

Tunnel Rat

I really need to find a pair of sculpted gloved hands and do a hand swap with Tunnel Rat. That would work so much better than the painted hands. Decent job by Hasbro with the head sculpt. i never understood why a guy that has generally been portrayed as crawling around in tunnels, caves and sewers would carry a huge gun like the original 3 3/4" version did. Wouldn't he really need compact weapons? Makes sense to me!

Heavy Duty

I used the original Heavy Duty head sculpt for this guy. He's got a Super Articulated body and a mini-gun. What else does he need?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Resolute reviews begin on Reasonably Intelligent Rambling. Hopefully big guys return tomorrow right here.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just got my Resolute figures today. Sorry, big Joes, no more posts for you today!


Poor Bazooka - the Rodney Dangerfield of the Joe team. A clumsy goofball in the cartoons and the poor guy gets killed in GI Joe:Resolute and the new IDW comics. No respect, no respect at all!

A decent job by Hasbro. I added the web gear and the AT-4's. The number on his jersey could have been bigger.

Bazooka is almost a "lost" figure. Never released in "regular" retail. He and Dr. Mindbender only made it out through Dollar General - even then, not a huge release!

Wild Bill

A pretty decent job by Hasbro with this one. Not bad for everybody's favorite helicopter pilot. Wild Bill didn't need much extra customizing work. I didn't like the vest he came with and the elastic waisted pants needed to go.

What kind of soldier wears elastic waist pants? C'mon!


Falcon gets an upgrade to a modern camo uniform and an XM-8. No animated G.I. Joe:The Movie screw-up here. An excellent character screwed up by a lame cartoon portrayal.

And he ain't related to Duke, dammit!
Making up for lost time with this silly blog. More entries soon!


Rescued from Hall of Fame hell, Flint gets a new life. This is the original HOF head sculpt from many years ago. It has been remounted on a Hasbro Super Articulated body. Much better than his original lumbering mess.

I think my concept captures the essence of Flint and that's what I'm looking for. Works for me!


Found this head sculpt purely by chance at Joelanta a few years ago. I couldn't really decide on who he would become until I popped the gray cap on his head. Oh hell yeah, it's Lowlight!

A Hasbro gray coverall and assorted other gear and the fan-favorite sniper gets life in the 1/6th scale.

Next year's 3 3/4" version looks incredible!


Tollbooth? Seriously? Yes, dammit, Tollbooth! The driver of the Toss n' Cross bridgelayer gets some attention. Not exactly like the 3 3/4" version, but too bad. Like I've said before, these are my toys!

An orange construction helmet would be cool. And a big frikkin' sledge hammer would just add that extra bit of "pop" to the figure.


Navy SEAL and all around bad-ass. First 3 3/4" version was okay for it's time, but he really didn't get a decent upgrade until the Spy Troops era. Chief Torpedo was created. Torpedo in land ops gear rather than a wet-suit.

Hasbro created a 1/6th version that pretty much sucked. Shorts and a t-shirt and a boat. Yeah, probably good play value, but no, just no. Excellent head sculpt. I've seen it described as "Kirby-esque" in reference to the character designs of the great Jack Kirby. yeah, it's a great head sculpt.

I found a SWAT Sheriff 21st Century Toys carded uniform set at Joelanta a couple years ago, got it for a great price and Torpedo was reborn in 1/6th scale.

I like him! Very well done in my self-centered opinion. Your positive opinion counts as well!

General Hawk

The Joe team's top dog, been there since the beginning. Fights with his troops if needed. His troops are fiercely loyal to him and he is loyal to them.

Always liked Hawk, cool figure, cool character. The 1st "General" version was pretty cool and fairly easy to replicate in 1/6th scale.

He's not blond and sort of looks like the 25th Anniversary version, but I don't really care. I don't make these 1/6th versions for anyone else's approval. If I like it, I'm happy. If you don't? So what - they are my toys.

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes - one of the best characters and also one of the most over-used, over-rated, over-exposed characters. He is still pretty damn cool, though.

I prefer to think of him as a commando with ninja training rather than a super-ninja that occasionally uses guns. Plus, he's not super disfigured, just got some wicked scars on his face. Also is mute in my twisted little Joe-verse - or at least has severely damaged vocal cords.

I like my version much more than the outrageously expensive Sideshow version. Deal with it. Mine has the option of not wearing his mask.

Oh yeah, his "real" name that is supposedly classified? I know it. It's John Smith.
So I can mobile post now?


G.I. Joe fans either love this guy or hate this guy. Usually just an over-rated boy scout. Most 3 3/4" versions have been retreads of the original goofy grinning figure. G.I. Joe:Resolute changed all that, Duke was given a make over and an attitude adjustment. He was now a bit of a bad ass.

I decided to upgrade my 1/6th scale Duke to give him a look more like this new Resolute version of Duke. I like it!

Finally! A direction!

Yes, I have finally decided on a purpose for this blog. I will be showcasing my collection of 1/6th scale G.I. Joe figures.

Oh great, another toy blog. So what. It's my blog, I'll do as I please. If you don't want to read it, I don't really care. If you do, well, that's just fine with me.

No 3 3/4" G.I. Joes will be featured on this blog, only the big dudes. The only link will be that this first bunch of posts will be 1/6th scale Joes based on the 3 3/4" characters.

That's about it.

Going to start in 5, 4, 3, 2...